People often ask me what is the best store to buy from, or where are the cheapest games. There is no perfect answer in my opinion, as you should take multiple facts into account.

  • How cheap prices are compared to other regions
  • How many games are available
  • How easy it is to buy there

Take the Brazilian store for example. It has very cheap prices, most often in the TOP 3. But only 26% of all games are available there. Of course most of the big games are included but still, this information should not be neglected.

The Mexican store also has very cheap prices, in the TOP 4 with 88% of games available. But there is plenty of feedbacks that foreign credit cards or PayPal are being refused.

A ton of people often contact me to tell me some countries are not accepting their payment card, or address, or something else. While I don't have very much information about that myself, I would be glad to also compile it here. Please write me in the contact page if you wanna share your buying experience, either good or bad.

Best stores

The 5 best stores ordered by their average price position

🥇 Brazil 2.8
🥈 Poland 3.9
🥉 Mexico 4.3
Peru 4.8
Japan 4.9

Worst stores

The 5 worst stores ordered by their average price position

💸 Argentina 14.6
👎 Switzerland 14.6
🤦🏼 United Kingdom 12.8
Israel 12.2
New Zealand 10.8

Most complete stores

The 5 stores with the biggest number of available games

🥇 United States 89%
🥈 Mexico 88%
🥉 Canada 88%
United Kingdom 87%
Ireland 87%

Most empty stores

The 5 stores with the least number of available games

🕸 Israel 2%
📭 South Korea 2%
🤷 Hong Kong 6%
Chile 8%
Colombia 8%