Additional Character Blake Belladonna

Download and play as Blake Belladonna, member of Team RWBY and wielder of the powerful Gambol Shroud. Blake's unique skills and powerful attacks make her an ideal tag partner in...

Released on May 31st, 2018

Country Price
🥇 :flag-at: Austria FREE
🥇 :flag-au: Australia FREE
🥇 :flag-bg: Bulgaria FREE
🥇 :flag-be: Belgium FREE
🥇 :flag-ch: Switzerland FREE
🥇 :flag-cy: Cyprus FREE
🥇 :flag-cz: Czech Republic FREE
🥇 :flag-dk: Denmark FREE
🥇 :flag-de: Germany FREE
🥇 :flag-ee: Estonia FREE
🥇 :flag-es: Spain FREE
🥇 :flag-fi: Finland FREE
🥇 :flag-fr: France FREE
🥇 :flag-gb: United Kingdom FREE
🥇 :flag-gr: Greece FREE
🥇 :flag-hr: Croatia FREE
🥇 :flag-hu: Hungary FREE
🥇 :flag-ie: Ireland FREE
🥇 :flag-lt: Lithuania FREE
🥇 :flag-it: Italy FREE
🥇 :flag-lu: Luxembourg FREE
🥇 :flag-lv: Latvia FREE
🥇 :flag-mt: Malta FREE
🥇 :flag-nl: Netherlands FREE
🥇 :flag-no: Norway FREE
🥇 :flag-nz: New Zealand FREE
🥇 :flag-pl: Poland FREE
🥇 :flag-pt: Portugal FREE
🥇 :flag-ro: Romania FREE
🥇 :flag-ru: Russia FREE
🥇 :flag-se: Sweden FREE
🥇 :flag-si: Slovenia FREE
🥇 :flag-jp: Japan FREE
🥇 :flag-sk: Slovakia FREE
🥇 :flag-za: South Africa FREE
🥇 :flag-mx: Mexico FREE
🥇 :flag-us: United States FREE
🥇 :flag-ca: Canada FREE
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