🛒 How to buy on another eShop region?

There is two ways of buying game on the eShop

  1. Create a Nintendo account for each country / region you wanna buy a game in. You will need a different email address for each of those accounts.
    Protip: if you have a Gmail account, put anything behind a + juste before the @ and it will still points towards your email. Ex: john+FR@gmail.com is the same as john@gmail.com
  2. Change you account country / region each time you wanna buy in a different eShop region. You will need to empty any credits in a country before leaving it, or you will lose it.

💳 How to pay on another eShop region?

Here too you have multiple options:

  1. Use your credit card. This greatly depends on your banks and the country you are trying to buy to. Some European Mastercard for example works perfectly around the globe, but again, this depends only on your bank.
  2. Use PayPal if the eShop region accepts it, you can create a PayPal account with an address in the region you are trying to buy to.
  3. Buy gift cards for the eShop you are trying to buy to, here is a few that would give you an digital code to use right away:

🤬 Why is this website showing ads?

Currently this website is hosted on a paid hosting service and cost me a few bucks every month. Displaying ads is an easy way of letting everyone participate in it.

I know, ads sucks. And to be honest, even I use an ad blocker 😅 If you want a good one, try uBlock Origin.

💵 How can I participate?

The code is private, but I will gladly accept feedbacks and ideas via the contact page. And if you really want to help me, use one of the gift card link above.