Hi! 👋

I'm Charley, the developer who made this. You can find a previous version of this website on this Github repository.

If you need help, want to give feedbacks, or just want to talk, you can leave me a message on the form below, or you can directly send me an email at this address.

🤬 Why is this website showing ads?

Currently this website is hosted on a paid hosting service and cost me a few bucks every month. Displaying ads is an easy way of letting everyone participate for it.

I know, ads sucks. And to be honest, even I use an ad blocker 😅. If you want a good one, try uBlock Origin.

💵 How can I participate?

The code is private, but I will gladly accept feedbacks and ideas via the form above. And if you want to help me, here is a few addresses where you can make any donations:

Bitcoin (BTC) address:


Ethereum address:


Litecoin address:


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address: